Super Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is mail sent as data from the customers computer to a Mailing house that then prints and despatches quickly and cost effectively. The idea being that the Mailing house will utilise the most cost effective postal service to facilitate the production and the postage cost for less than the price of a second class stamp!

The Mailgreen Hybrid Mail Service is no exception to this principle, just more “Super”.

Super Speedy Hybrid Mail

We have some of the fastest printing and enclosing equipment in the industry. Everything is automated and we are running Mailgreen production all day long.

As soon as your data arrives it goes into the production line for super fast turnaround.

Files received early in the day are despatched Same Day! (see Terms of Use).

Mailgreen delivery usually takes just 2 days to reach the recipient!

Super Green Hybrid Mail

Many Hybrid Mail providers try to offer low prices regardless of the circumstances. At Mailgreen we believe in Low Cost @ No Cost. With proper planning and proper investment you can offer the best product at the lowest cost without impacting the environment!

Mailgreen have industry leading Green Credentials and state of the art equipment to facilitate a cost effective, high quality hybrid mail solution.

Super Low Cost Hybrid Mail

How come Mailgreen is so cheap compared to other Hybrid Mail suppliers?

Mailgreen offer some of the best rates available anywhere for Hybrid Mail services.

The company is built to serve this market. Our software is written in house, rather than utilising commercial software as other Hybrid Mail providers do and paying a “click” to a software company. State of the art super fast equipment, buying power, very efficient systems and large volumes ensure that Mailgreen operate at the lowest possible costs.

Those low, low costs are passed on to our customers.

Super Easy – Wherever you are!

The Mailgreen software development team have designed and created the Hybrid Mail package from scratch. The remit given, was to create a simple to use but effective tool for customers to send physical mailings, of any size, with the ease of a digital communication.

The Mailgreen website is designed to be simple, intuitive, powerful and flexible. Where ever you are, send your entire mailing at the touch of a button.