What do you want?

Whether you are sending a letter, a postcard, a complete mailing campaign or 10,000 invoices, you want the same thing!

  • Super fast same day despatch
  • Cheapest hybrid mail prices available anywhere
  • Unbeatable Green Credentials
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Trial it NOW! No Commitment!No cost and no need to set up an account. See how it works with no obligation and see the exact cost of your mailing. You'll be amazed at just how much you can save

How does it work?

  • Works like any other printer installed on your PC
  • Create mail merge documents using your favourite programs like Microsoft Word
  • Print to the Mailgreen printer as you would normally
  • Customise your Mailing to your specifications
  • Review your job and submit it
  • Voilá ... your job will be produced and mailed with very little effort
  • Sound Simple? That's because it is ...

Interested? Click HERE to follow our step by step guide to get started.

Why send anything in the post ?
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The principles of Mailgreen.
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How come Mailgreen is so cheap compared to other Hybrid Mail suppliers ?
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Is posting a physical document environmentally friendly, surely electronic is better?
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Trial it NOW! No Commitment!No cost and no need to set up an account. See how it works with no obligation and see the exact cost of your mailing. You'll be amazed at just how much you can save

Mailgreen News (Hover your mouse cursor to pause)

  • 3Dec 18

    Mailgreen Power Consumption for light and heat for the year at its absolute lowest ever! Replacing all our lighting with LED lighting in the office, factory and warehouse, plus reducing our power requirement for heating through new systems, has reduced our consumption to its minimum ever! With the whole site run on solar power as well, we are reducing our carbon footprint to the absolute minimum and our hybrid mail customers benefit in the same way.

  • 8Nov 18

    Planning a sales campaign? Many of our customers send hybrid letters using Mailgreen hybrid mail and incorporate full colour sales offers varying from one customer to the next with a personalised message. Target your hybrid mail for better responses. One of our customers suggested they had a 78% improvement in responses using Mailgreen hybrid mail and targeting their customers with personalised messages!

  • 25Oct 18

    New templates available for Open Office. Checkout our resources page here for templates and guides for many versions of popular sofware.

  • 29Sep 18

    New software released which includes a demo mode so you can trial Mailgreen without creating an account. If you haven't got it already you can download it here.

  • 2Aug 18

    Another big day for Solar Power Production with more than 750 KWH produced today. That means everything we produce for our hybrid mail customers is done using totally green electricity! In fact most days we are a Net Supplier of green electricity to the National Grid. Our hybrid post customers benefit by reducing their carbon footprint when we reduce ours!

  • 5Jul 18

    Another great idea from one of our hybrid mail customers! Use the black single sided (simplex) postcard as appointment cards! If you need to inform your customers of an appointment, this is a really reliable and cost effective way to do it! Another cheap hybrid post solution.

  • 25June 18

    Big day for Solar Power Production with more than 600 KWH produced today. Already producing more than we use by some margin! So our hybrid mail customers carbon foot print is reducing. On target for more than 1 MWH per day as predicted for later in the summer.

  • 14May 18

    "Congratulations Mailgreen, I have tried several of the solutions provided by other hybrid mail providers and I have found your solution the most intuitive and by far the easiest to use for my hybrid post! So I can't believe you are also the cheapest and have such strong green credentials. Keep it up Mailgreen! " - Strong praise from one of our hybrid mail customers, so couldn't resist passing it on.

  • 3Apr 18

    Massive saving made by one customer! One customer sending daily invoices amounting to approximately 10k per month and 2000 A4 4pp offer booklets, has reported saving 60% since switching from their old supplier to Mailgreen hybrid mail!! Almost a seven thousand pound saving!!!

  • 18Mar 18

    Price Comparison shows Mailgreen is still the most cost effective hybrid mail provider! Our price comparison software shows that Mailgreen is still more competitive than the other hybrid post suppliers we monitor. Great news for our customers!

  • 19Feb 18

    Great idea from one of our customers! Why not produce your Newsletters using Mailgreen hybrid mail. Customers are producing 8 page, 12 page and even 32 page newsletter booklets using Mailgreen hybrid post. The pages are not stitched but they are nested together - just like a Newspaper!

  • 23Jan 18

    One of our largest clients uses Mailgreen hybrid mail to send regular brochures detailing offers to its customers. They use the A3 option printed duplex and folded to make an A4 4page booklet. With Mailgreen Hybrid Mail they can add personalised messages to their clients within the full colour brochure or suggest products that the customer has purchased before. Once you become familiar with Mailgreen hybrid mail solution you will find the possibilities are endless.

  • 9Jan 18

    Record number of customers switch from their old hybrid mail supplier or Royal Mail to Mailgreen! Mailgreen now has more clients than ever before after a record number switch in the last 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I register for an account?

A new account can be created easily here. You do not need to supply payment details to create the account.

Do I need a powerful PC to use your software?

No. We believe that our software will operate well on the vast majority of PCs. For a more specific answer, please see the documentation on our web site for a list of supported operating systems and hardware recommendations.

Can I use your software on my Apple, my mobile phone or tablet?

Depending on the browser you are using, you can visit our Portal to approve or make payments. The printing software itself can currently only be used from a Windows PC.

Do I need a Fast Internet service provider (ISP) to use your system?

No. Our system has been tested with ISPs of varying speeds. Upload times will be considerably less with faster ISPs but all the ISPs tested were compatible.

Are there any addresses not covered by your service?

Our deliveries are performed by the Royal Mail. Less than 0.1% of UK addresses cannot be served. Please try our system, obtain a no obligation quote (which will allow you to see if any of your addresses are not supported).

More Answers Here